Beesper at Roccamurata

Roccamurata di Gorro village, 45km SW from Parma, is heavily affected by a large and complex landslide involving also a main regional road and railway. The public authority in charge for the safety of Roccamurata population is paying a lot of effort in mitigating and ensuring more safe conditions to them, by means of structural countermeasures and continuous monitoring of damaged buildings.

Henesis has been appointed to design and implement the monitoring system for most of the houses in the village and the information system to update the responsible authority about their their vulnerability evolution.


The unique characteristics of both hw and sw components of the Beesper system, enabled to integrate an accelerometric network together with 19 digital crackmeters (Henesis patent) and 10 linear potentiometers joint meters which can be observed by remote. Beesper web based Console allows to check the conditions at each monitored point by graphs or alert messages and adapt sampling and system update time by remote.
The nodes, sensors and the full network efficiency parameters are monitored through the Console, as well.

Following the current period of testing and fine tuning, the Beesper network at Roccamurata will be definitively handed over by Henesis to the responsible assigned by the authority for the hazard mitigation works.

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