Beesper detects rockfall at “Pietra di Bismantova”

The rockfall occurred at the “Pietra di Bismantova” (Reggio Emilia, Italy) the 13th February between 12.40 and 12.50, has been detected using the equipment provided by Henesis for research activity in collaboration with University of Modena e Reggio Emilia, Municipality of Castelnuovo ne’ Monti, Emilia Romagna Region and Parco dell’Appennino Tosco-Emiliano.

Since January this year, the South-Eastern slope of Bismantova cliff is equipped with 20 crack meters able to detect sub-millimetric displacement every 10 minutes, and 2 webcams retrieving images of the cliff every hour. At the moment the system is not enabled to provide alert, but Henesis is making every effort to provide this capability in the shortest time.

Henesis’ staff is supporting the researchers and the Municipality for data provision, surveys and eventually consequent adaptation and integration of the existing monitoring system.


View from above of the interested area (detachment and impact areas – the main stone in the red circle)


The sensor which monitored the block

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