Internships in Camlin Italy is available!

Options available

  • 3-6 months internships
  • MSc Thesis
  • PhDs internships


Advanced Clustering Techniques

Survey on State-of-the-art Clustering techniques and comparison on both private and public datasets. Development of an on-line comparison tool for the aforementioned task.

Semantic Data Retrieval

Study and performance analysis of a feature-based data retrieval system for non- relational databases, with extension to multimodal time series.

Application of Artificial Neural Networks on Real World Time Series Data

Survey on State-of-the-art Neural Networks and modern open source AI and DL frameworks and their applications on Real World Time Series Data.

Using Big Data techniques for analysis of consumption and faults in electrical networks

Funded position of 1 year, in collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering of University of Parma (DGR 886/2016).

Acquisition and Processing of Human Motion Data for Rehabilitation

Survey on State-of-the-art neural and physical rehabilitation; generation of data sets with wearable platforms; application of state-of-art machine learning approaches to multimodal Time Series data.

Machine Learning applied to predictive analysis of Big Data for early detection of neurological diseases

Survey on State-of-the-art approaches to predictive analysis; application of graph-based complex network analysis to brain EEG data.

Motor/EEG-based Brain Machine Interface for Robot Control

Survey on state-of-art Machine Learning based BCIs; application of public and proprietary machine learning algorithms on Time Series data from wearable accelerometers and EEG in real time.

Applications of Artificial Neural Networks on multivariate Time Series Data from EEG and human motion

Survey on state-of-art Deep Learning approaches for multivariate time series analysis and their applications on human motion and brain activity Time Series Data.

Other details

Selection is tough (3 steps are foreseen for open-ended contract): we’re searching really outstanding people; housing facilities offered for the whole period (internships and MSc theses) or for first months (open-ended contracts).