Motion analysis & Athletic gesture evaluation

Human motion monitoring and analysis are an essential part of a wide spectrum of applications ranging from entertainment and gaming to surveillance and medical diagnosis, including physical rehabilitation among other potential areas of interest.

In the framework of the EU PF7 MIBISOC project a wearable sensing system for human motion acquisition and tracking was developed, based on Henesis wireless technology. The system, able to provide synchronized data from five small wireless modules, was fully tested and validated.

Results obtained applying Artificial Intelligence techniques and methods based on Henesis deep learning technology show that it can effectively be used for analysing motion data for pose recognition and classification with predictive capabilities.

Putting together its expertise in microelectronics, artificial intelligence and biomedical signal analysis, Henesis is running a new, breakthrough project to revolutionise the field of sports and autonomous rehabilitation: Therseo. In combination with the best clinical, academic and industrial partners, a new wearable system will be soon tested.

EEG analysis

In the framework of the EU PF7 MIBISOC project Henesis started its path in the field of real-time Electroencephalographic (EEG) analysis, working actively towards the online detection of movement intention with its AI algorithms.

Henesis cooperates with the Institute of Neuroscience of the Italian Council of Research (IN-CNR) to bring its algorithmic solutions to the highest level in the research applied to human motor system.