ico-area-industryHenesis works in the industry sector in the areas of quality control, predictive systems and metering. These areas are covered by different technologies: machine vision, deep learning and Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs), respectively.


Quality control

Quality control is aimed at the automatic inspection of industrial components in order to test the products to discover defects. Quality controls are getting more and more sophisticated and directly impact on the production, reason why new technologies are being applied in the process. In this area, the last application developed by Henesis is BASYS, an automatic vision-based machine for burner caps quality inspection (the whole production, 4000 pcs/hour).

Predictive systems

Nowadays, predictive systems are becoming more and more important in several areas, in particular in the process control industries. Adding intelligence to the current maintenance management systems can enhance their capabilities of decision support, being able to understand, for example, the trend of equipment deterioration. This have direct and valuable results, such as costs reduction and catastrophic failure risk minimization.


Advanced and smart metering is among the current needs of the industry. Our most recent application is a battery-less wireless capsule for temperature sampling in moving fluids for the food industry.