Our core competencies are in the following fields:

  • deep learning architectures
  • machine vision
  • embedded systems design
  • spatial-temporal pattern analysis
  • parallel computing
  • digital signal processing
  • acoustics
  • digital and analog electronics
  • ultra-low power wireless systems

Like in a Renaissance workshop, a multidisciplinary team, covering the aforementioned competencies and complementing each other’s experience and skills, works on every single project, contributing to the conception of valuable and innovative products with the highest possible quality, always fulfilling our clients’ requests.

Henesis operates mainly in 5 business areas: environment, industry, mobility, health & wellness and security, where products and technologies are developed to solve specific needs.

Conceiving and creating solutions often merging these areas and crossing their boundaries, paves our  road towards the  Smart City, the Smart Factory, the Internet of Things and the Internet of Services, which are all expected to have an incredible impact on our  society in the near future.

Henesis business areas