Geologist Christian Iasio joins Henesis team


We’re extremely glad to announce a new entry into our team: welcome to geologist Christian Iasio, new Henesis Land & Structure Business Developer.

He will coordinate and manage different Beesper projects and innovative Henesis projects regarding monitoring and communication of territories; he will also keep and develop relations with Beesper partners and customers.

Christian studied Geology and Geomorpholoy, then continued his training with a Ph.D. in Soil Science and a Post-Doc at University of Toronto.
He has significant international work experience, was involved in many projects focused on slope dynamic, erosion processes, soil & water assessment and conservation.
Since 2000 he is part of teaching boards in several applied training programs for local, regional and international capacity building projects.
Recently he was senior researcher at Applied Remote Sensing Institute of European Academy (EURAC) in Bolzano, South Tyrol (Italy).

Read Christian Iasio full CV


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