Henesis in Camlin!

With enormous pleasure  we announce that,  effective today, Henesis is part of the Camlin Limited group!

This primarily means that the results achieved in these years in terms of technologies, products, intellectual property were at the level of raising the interest of an industrial group where research and innovation play a crucial role. We are of course proud of this acknowledgment, which is essentially addressed to Henesis people: to each and every one of you (yes, you are the first recipients of this post)  goes the highest gratitude from the Company.

Camlin is incredibly similar to a grown and solid Henesis, and for us joining the Camlin group has been as natural as entering a larger family with similar passions, habits, dreams. Camlin is a strong industrial partner and we will leverage on their already established successful presence in about twenty countries in the world. We believe that joining the Camlin Group will make us stronger and secure the progress we have made to this point, for the benefit of all our current and future customers.

All that said, the crucial question: is the Henesis adventure over? Not at all! The exact contrary. My old judo Sensei used to tell us students that the attainment of the black belt would not make us judo masters, rather would be the time when we’d understand what Judo is, start to appreciate it, and begin playing the real judo: well, I like to think that today Henesis has just been granted the black belt. Now, an even more serious game begins!

Therefore, as general director of the new Henesis…

Let the match… begin! 

(from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)

The news on Camlin Group website

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