Burner Caps Inspection System

Henesis, in collaboration with an automation company, developed an automatic machine for burner caps quality inspection based on machine vision. The system, which includes high resolution 7 line scan cameras, is capable of processing 4000 pieces/hour, analyzing each item in all its parts (top and bottom surfaces, borders), and managing more than 100 different models of burner caps.




  • 7 line scan camera in pipeline configuration
  • up to 4000 pieces/hour inspected
  • 0,2 mm defects detected
  • high reflective glazed surface inspection
  • 4 rotary stage running in parallel
  • front, rear and border (lateral) object inpection
  • CPU-GPU algorithm acceleration
  • 3 types of different defects queues



  • 100% of crippling defects detected
  • less than 1% of false positive
  • more than 100 variant of burner caps managed