Henesis Wireless & Flexible Sensor Network for professional applications

logo-beesper-vett1“Discover, explore, control” is the spirit of a network that was created to explore the world of data that surrounds us, a world that should be simple and accessible. Beesper is a flexible system, based on Henesis Wireless Sensor Network (WSN), for distributed data acquisition, specifically tailored to long-duration,  all-battery-powered, large indoor and outdoor networks, which need to reliably operate for long time in a completely unattended manner.

These requirements are commonly present in professional applications, which Beesper addresses as its main target. Consistently, Beesper put particular attention to the on-site set-up and installation phases, to make them absolutely straightforward and doable by anyone in minutes, directly on-site.

Beesper allows to measure, visualize and analyze environmental parameters of various types, including: ambient temperature, pressure, humidity, light intensity, noise, air quality and current consumption, among others. Data collected from the nodes are sent by the Bridge to our dedicated servers (24h, 7d available,  bandwidth guaranteed); users can interact with data on the web through the Beesper Console, or on any Android-based smartphone  through the dedicated Apps. User-configured notifications can be automatically generated by the system and sent via email, sms, push.


The system

Beesper consists of:


  • A network of low-power wireless nodes, BeesperNodes, which automatically find the best path to deliver their data, and can host multiple sensors.

  • A data transmission bridge, BeesperBridge (Ethernet, GPRS)

  • Beesper Console, a cloud-based service for network management and data visualization. It makes data remotely available on real-time through a web browser without needing to install any software on the computer.

  • A series of apps developed for setting up and monitor the system.

beesper-02   beesper-01


Easy and perfect control: Beesper main strengths

  • Super-easy configuration of bridge and nodes network parameters, via the NFC-enabled cloning feature.
  • Completely automatic network setup.

  • Automatic self-healing features.

  • Fully remote management using the Beesper Console.

  • Nodes both sense and route the data.

  • Nodes are networked data loggers, as a copy of data is kept in their large non volatile memory.
  • Over-the-air firmware update.

  • Highly time-synchronized readings in the whole network.

  • No data loss: if the connection is broken, the  BeesperBridge and the BeesperNodes store the information internally and transmit it when the connection is restored.


And that’s not all:

  • The network can be expanded by adding other nodes and sensors, without any need for reconfiguration.

  • The nodes are flexible: they can include multiple sensors of various types.

  • Integrated with Google Maps for the geolocation of the networks.

  • Long duration of battery (1-3 years).

  • NFC-based Node-Smartphone interaction.

  • Low cost.

  • Nodes with GPS sensor for mobility-aware monitoring.


Why Beesper and not others?

If you are considering other systems which seem to be similar to Beesper, before deciding, please check:

  • How long does it take from nodes “out of the box” to a network up and running? With Beesper, 5 minutes if you have an Android smartphone NFC-enabled, 10 minutes if you don’t!
  • Do they need an intermediate router between the nodes and the bridge which transmits the data to the network? Beesper doesn’t! The nodes have automatic routing capabilities!

  • Do the routers need external power supply? Beesper nodes/routers don’t: moreover, routing feature doesn’t significantly decrease battery life!

  • Is there a maximum number of “hops” between a node and its gateway? Beesper doesn’t pose any limitation on this!

  • Do the nodes have memory storage capacity? Beesper does!

  • Is it possible to update the firmware of the nodes over-the-air? It is in Beesper, for both the bridge and any node of the network, no matter how large it is! You will be notified as soon as a new firmware release is available and you are free to upload it on your networks with a single click.

  • Do they have an enclosure that allows to use the nodes outdoors? Beesper does!

  • Do they need to install software on your computer? Beesper doesn’t!


Beesper has different flavours

Beesper is the concrete answer to the increasing need for distributed data acquisition, in many different fields. In each field we developed specific sensor configurations and/or Apps.

Beesper Energy & Comfort

This is the platform that allows distributed measurements in the field of energy efficiency and living comfort in buildings.

Each BeesperNode can host:

  1. Heat flux sensor.

  2. Noise level meter.

  3. Temperature, environmental humidity and environmental pressure sensor.

  4. Concentration of carbon dioxide sensor.

  5. Light intensity sensor.

Beesper Structural

The complete platform for structural monitoring, with particular reference to the static and dynamic behaviour of cracks in buildings. By providing high-tech at a low cost, its main application is the distributed control in areas of high seismic activity and historical buildings. Beesper has the ability to transfer 3-secs-long chunks of triaxial vibration data sampled at 50 Hz, together with static measures of cracks, which may improve later data analysis.

Each node in the Beesper Structural network contains:

  1. A precision bi-dimensional crack-meter (Henesis patent).

  2. An internal temperature sensor.

  3. A precise tri-axial accelerometer.

Additionally, all the sensors of the Beesper platform are available for related measurements.

The platform is perfectly integrated in the Beesper Console service for data management and visualisation. Furthermore, in case of abnormal behaviour of the cracks, it is also possible to generate alert reports, sms or e-mails.

Beesper Land

The platform was conceived for monitoring slopes, landslides and other outdoor environments; it integrates Beesper nodes as well as video acquisition nodes, and leverages on Henesis SW tools for time sequence, video-streams and image analysis. BeesperNodes include, in this case, specific sensors as wire strain gauges. Details will soon follow, the technology will be presented at CPEXPO2013.


Beesper Agriculture

This platform is currently being developed to be used in precision agriculture. BeesperNodes integrate sensors for measuring the thermal flux and the soil temperature and moisture, among other parameters of interest. Details will soon follow, as several collaborations and specific projects are ongoing.


Application cases

beesperland-bologna-featuredBeesperLand monitoring in Bologna

A new BeesperLand system is monitoring a landslide in Bologna area (Italy).
The multimodal monitoring system adopts sophisticated image processing algorithms to extract displacement information from images acquired by four remote cameras and wirelessly sent to our servers, the Beesper WSN platform to wirelessly acquire environmental and accelerometric data… continue »

beesperland-bismantova-featuredBeesperLand monitoring Bismantova Rock

A joint effort leaded by Henesis team, together with Mountain Guides “La Pietra” allowed to put in place the first set of sensors for the monitoring of Bismantova Stone (Pietra di Bismantova) rock falls. Thanks to Beesper monitoring system and specific extensometers, it is now possible to observe the behaviour of more concerning fractures along the rock face… continue »