Available off-the-shelf sensors

Ambient Temperature

±0.5 °C accuracy, 0.01 °C resolution

Ambient Humidity

±3% accuracy, 0.03% RH resolution

Ambient light

Range: 475 – 650 nm, perfect match to Human Eye Sensitivity (Vλ)

Wall Temperature

±0.5 °C accuracy, 0.1 °C resolution

Heat flux

50 μV/ W. m-2 sensitivity, ±5% accuracy


3-axial, 1 mg sensitivity, ±2 g range, 640 Hz max BW

Spatial orientation

3-axial, resolution of 2.5°

GPS position

Full 20-channel, 2.5 m accuracy

Sound level

A-weighting, RMS conversion in the range 30-120 dB (3 scales) and slow time-weighting for Leq (equivalent continuous sound level) or other measures


Range: 3 x 3 cm, precision: 50 μm (Henesis patented)


Barometers, piezometers, extensometers, inclinometers, CO2 concentration, soil temperature and moisture…