Workshop AHAi: Innovation, Integration, ICT

Henesis is pleased to invite you at its workshop within Cibustec 2014 expo:


AHAi: Innovation, Integration, ICT

How to effectively integrate Human Resources, Information Systems for Quality & Documental Management, and Artificial Intelligence ever improving projects!

October 29th, 2014 – 2.00 p.m. (ore 14.00)
CibusTec Food Pack 2014 – PAD 4 Workshop Area

In the occasion of the Cibustec Foodpack three complementary companies, A.A.C Consulting S.r.l., Analysis S.r.l. and Henesis S.r.l. of the Camlin Group, will introduce a technological development path in the production sector analysing an organizational segment created with real data in a manufacturing environment in three integrated dimensions:

  1. The development of Human Resources effectiveness in order to sustain the new processes with real and participating awareness of the tough international competition, through Management Consulting and High Managerial Training;
  2. The improvement of pervasive ICT processing linked to the functional storing of data, information and documents of the company in order to be able to develop the required proactive analysis to take decisions through a well tested software for the management for Quality and Documental System;
  3. The improvement of the efficiency of production machinery, optimisation of qualitative controls upon products and the predictability in the management of the machinery maintenance through the introduction of advanced techniques of Artificial Intelligence in hardware and software instruments as well as industrial automation.

The integration of these dimensions represents the added value able to raise exponentially the effectiveness of each of them improving the perception in time management with precise actions as in the following example:

  • The predisposition of a project of organisational development which includes the macro phases upon Human Resources to define the path until the expected adequacy
  • The introduction of the software for the Quality Document Management symbiotic with the Information Management System to give consistency to the application of the procedures and to create a historical database for every working unit
  • The management of historical data which allows the Artificial Intelligence and analysis beyond Business Intelligence and which allows, with the right algorithm and self learning, to reach predictability of the events and optimize, reducing the time, the products qualitative controls and the required maintenance of the machinery and the instruments.
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