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A great experience at Meditation Rave!

When art meets neuroscience and technology, extraordinary experiences can happen.

A great experience at Meditation Rave!

We’re delighted to wrap up a great experience at the Meditation Rave X Fla Flaviolucchiniart Museum, as part of Milano MuseoCity 2024!

It’s been a truly remarkable journey for us at Henesis and our team. We had the opportunity to showcase the application of our brain-computer interface technology in guided meditation sessions led by Daniel Lumera, where we could visually observe Daniel’s brain waves on screen.

Our CTO Luca Ascari has explained how Henesis technology, during each session, is going to show relevant brain meditation-related features on the big screen situated to the right of Daniel while creating an artistic color-coded picture of his meditating mind.

As our business developer Francesca Sernissi points out “It was a unique experience that will launch a series of events open to all those interested in meditation. These events aim to delve into a cognitive experience of extraordinary depth, blending art, science, and spirituality”.

The harmonious combination of technology and mindfulness has been inspiring, and we’re eager to further explore this convergence in our future pursuits.

Stay tuned for more immersive adventures!