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ARC intellicare involved in the first neurological Early Feasibility Study in Italy

We are thrilled to announce that Henesis’ medical device, ARC intellicare, is involved in the first neurological Early Feasibility Study in Italy, in partnership with the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital.

ARC intellicare, our product for telerehabilitation, has won a call for proposals for a clinical trial, sponsored by the Ministry of Health and launched by a consortium between the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital, Centro di Ricerca CRISPEL (Università di Roma Tre), and CREA Sanità.

The aim of the project is an innovative trial in neurology. It is based on a collaboration in Italy⁠—the first such in a European country—between the Ministry of Health, centres of excellence, and industry. By generating new insights into the use of medical devices for rehabilitation, the investigation represents a significant step forward, both in the validation of ARC intellicare, and in the advancement of digital health technology. 

This collaboration demonstrates Henesis’ dedication to providing innovative solutions to the healthcare industry. Working alongside a reputable, established institution like the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital is a great honour and we are excited to join them in this venture.

Together, we can improve the patients’ experience and increase accessibility to rehabilitation services.

Read the official joint press release with the Agostino Gemelli University Hospital:

 ITA Version »

 ENG Version »


Project lauch meeting on January 2023 between Henesis and Agostino Gemelli University Hospital staff.

In the picture from left:
Prof. Paolo Calabresi (Gemelli)
Prof.ssa Anna Rita Bentivoglio (Gemelli)
Ing. Giovanni Arcuri (Gemelli)
Dott.ssa Carmen Furno (Gemelli)
Ing. Luca Ascari (Henesis)
Ing. Giuseppe Fasano (Gemelli)
Ing. Riccardo Fava (Henesis)


ARC intellicare is a cutting-edge medical device designed to allow healthcare facilities and professionals to integrate telerehabilitation into in-person standard care, and to satisfy the needs of their patients, supporting and enhancing clinical practice.

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