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Attendance to the AIIC 2022 congress

Great insights and a better understanding of current trends, major aspects and criticalities related to PNRR actuation: that’s what we have heard at – and learnt from – the XXII National Congress of the AIIC Associazione Italiana Ingegneri Clinici held in Riccione, 12th – 15th June.
Talks about “hot” topics, such as telemedicine, interoperability, cybersecurity, new MDR regulation, HTA and clinicalgovernance have been exciting and valuable for the congress audience, mainly made of clinical and biomedical engineers. Experts stressed the need to support any kind of innovation with Real Word Data and re-engineering of existing clinical processes.

As Henesis, we are happy to acknowledge that ARC intellicare fits very well the big picture defined at AIIC Congress. With ARC, we are on track, ready to support the big change in healthcare service delivery paradigm.