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Autonomous rust detection with AI

Henesis’ team dedicated to Computer Vision projects has tested our technology designed to detect rust during a drone’s programmed flight.

During the test, we were able to analyse the drone’s video stream using our onboard AI, and forward the results for real-time visualisation.

To enable more efficient analysis, high resolution pictures were collected autonomously in points of interest where significant rust coverage was detected. This means that the system can scan large structures rapidly, and is programmed to slow down for more detailed checks at important points, accurately detecting rust in even the hardest-to-reach areas!

With our new system, companies can now have an autonomous solution for rust detection. We envision it being used across a variety of industries and applications.

Our collaboration with ABzero | Life Saving Partner has proven invaluable in demonstrating the versatility of this technology. By testing it in diverse settings, such as naval and building contexts, we have been able to demonstrate the applicability of the system in various industries and environments.