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Brain signal detection meditation on RaiPlay

🧠 An exciting meditative experience shared with RaiPlay “Touch. Il futuro a portata di mano” video reportage: merging art, neuroscience, and technology.
Imagine sitting in a peaceful meadow, immersed in the silence and beauty of nature, entering a meditative state. The subtle nuances of your brain activity are captured by a cutting-edge technology that makes invisible neural performance visible.
This is an example of the brain signal detection and transmission technology designed by Henesis.
The strip is capable of detecting EEG signals, which are then transmitted to any device (mobile phone and PC) wirelessly.
The result is a product made to adhere perfectly to the skin and be light, flexible, breathable and functional, guaranteeing comfort and signal quality.
Many thanks to the naturalist biologist Daniel Lumera and RaiPlay staff for involving us in this truly inspiring merging of art, neuroscience, and technology.
We believe in the power of collaboration. This innovative approach not only opens doors for artistic exploration but also holds immense promise for therapeutic applications, cognitive research, and understanding the complexities of the human mind.

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