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Congratulations to Dr Andrea Bellotti, our BCI & FW Lead… now PhD!

“My PhD research focused on the identification of EEG patterns related to spatial soundperception, with the goal of using this objective information to design more informative spatial warning sounds for the automotive industry.

It’s been challenging but also very exciting, as the opportunities provided by the Marie-Curie ITN program turned out to be way above expectations.
I had the opportunity to closely cooperate with highly skilled senior professionals doing advanced research in top-tier companies like Toyota and Camlin, while growing a network of early-stage researchers belonging to an extremely diverse background.

The PhD has proved useful also because I’ve practically learnt how to deal with and overcome research failures and unexpected events by looking at the problems from a detached and unbiased perspective.

This is and will be an extremely valuable skills in my career as researchscientist.”

Andrea Bellotti