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FOURIER project won CSEA call for proposal

Where technology meets sustainability, a new partnership in the construction-energy sector has been born!

The great changes driven by the energy transition and the need to improve the efficiency of buildings’ consumption bring opportunities to innovate new solutions for the electricity sector, in an architectural context.

Integrating photovoltaic modules in an urban environment can create structures with almost zero energy requirements, or that can even produce more than they consume. This BIPV (Building-Integrated PhotoVoltaic) market has a strong projected growth.

To achieve these objectives, CSEA (Cassa per i servizi energetici e ambientali) has opened an important call for proposals. This has been won by the FOURIER project, proposed by Camlin Italy (leader) (Henesis S.r.l. office) – and other strategic partners, including two key Italian companies, Focchi Group and Applied Materials and two research institutes of international recognition, IMEM-CNR and Institute for Renewable Energy – Eurac Research.

FOURIER focuses on developing a technological photovoltaic system integrated in building façades. It plays a key role in defining a new hybrid construction-energy supply chain.

The collaboration between the companies selected for the project, and their expertise in their respective fields, represents a unique chance for innovation in the BIPV sector and promises impressive results that could revolutionise the way we design and make buildings.

Read the official joint press release with the partners:

 ITA Version »

 ENG Version »

Project lauch meeting.
In the picture from left:
Konstantin Koshmak (Camlin-Henesis)
Laura Maturi (Eurac)
Martino Gubert (Eurac)
Alessandro Pracucci (Focchi)
Martina Pelle (Eurac)
Diego Tamburrini (Eurac)
Laura Vandi (Focchi)
Luca Ascari (Camlin-Henesis)