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From advanced electronics and sustainable energy solutions to innovative products in the medical field, the world of new materials is a playground for scientists and researchers exploring new substances with extraordinary attributes.
New Materials
New Materials
The technology
Materials science and materials engineering are two related but distinct fields that collaborate to find ways of transforming raw materials into final products with desirable properties.

The first one is an interdisciplinary field that involves researching and discovering materials across various scientific disciplines. In contrast, materials engineering is a field concerned with designing and improving these materials with specific properties to meet the needs of industries.
Our commitment
At Henesis, since 2014, we are wisely combing the two disciplines thanks to the close cooperation with IMEM-CNR, also creating a dedicated lab within their facility in Parma. ​

The SINERGY LAB has two goals: ​

1) Jointly design, develop and test new eco-friendly advanced materials for multiple applications. The most exciting result achieved so far is a patented procedure for the extraction and manipulation of a biodegradable and eco-friendly compound with unique properties. The lab contains tools for microfabrication, inks development and preparation, aerosol jet printing, and innovative materials processing; ​

2) Jointly design, develop and test new thin films cells for photovoltaic applications, based on the HENESIS printing technology (FOURIER project). ​

3) A third, more recent, line of research is high-pressure/high-temperature mechanosynthesis of new advanced semiconductors, with applications in the photovoltaics sector.

Eco-Friendly Materials Revolution
The birth of SINERGY LAB from the long-standing collaboration between Henesis and IMEM/CNR.