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Partnership for FOURIER project

Let’s revolutionise the way we design and make buildings with BIPV solutions (Building Integrated Photovoltaics)!

We are thrilled to be leading the FOURIER project, focused on developing a technological photovoltaic system integrated in building façades.


“We are used to adopting an open-innovation approach, working with industrial realities and research centres. With FOURIER we have the opportunity to involve important partners, with whom we share visions and R&D perspectives in Italy, helping to create together innovative and sustainable solutions for the electricity sector in this and other future projects.”

Konstantin Koshmak, Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager of FOURIER.


Project lauch meeting.
In the picture from left:
Alessandro Pracucci (Focchi)
Marco Galiazzo (AMAT)
Elena Del Canale (IMEM), David Moser (E
urac), Simone Taddei (consulente Camlin-Henesis)
Davide Delmonte (IMEM)
Vurro (Camlin-Henesis)
Alessandra Querci (AMAT)
Konstantin Koshmak (Camlin-Henesis)
Giuseppe Tarabella (IMEM)
Massimo Mazzer (IMEM)
Martina Pelle (Eurac)
Laura Vandi (Focchi)