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Rehabilitation: focus on our digital solution

Where innovation meets technology: our focus on digital solutions for rehabilitation.
Epidemiologic studies estimate that 15% of the world’s population lives with disabilities and that 2.4 billion people require rehabilitation. These figures will rise due to the growing and ageing population and the increasing disease complexity and chronicity. 
In this scenario, rehabilitation services should respond to the increasing demand for long-term disease management and aim to increase mobility, cognition, sensory functions, and wellbeing. Contextual factors, such as social and environmental, can be determinants in access to care. 
Home-based rehabilitation and telerehabilitation are valuable strategies to enhance clinical practice, making rehabilitation simple and accessible.
We are committed to providing a solution with ARC intellicare system: it allows healthcare facilities and professionals to integrate telerehabilitation programs into standard in-person care and motivates patients with new and stimulating activities that can be performed autonomously and safely.