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What is the Agile methodology?

Plan, design, develop, test…What is the Agile methodology?


When it comes to project management, there are many different approaches and frameworks for reaching goals. One of the most used and attractive across many industries is the Agile methodology.


It doesn’t prescribe exactly which actions to take in #software development. Instead, it is a way of thinking about workflows according to core values which guide choices in regards to what to do and how to do it.


Agile software development teams should favour:
➡ Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
➡ Working software over comprehensive documentation
➡ Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
➡ Responding to change over following a plan


At Henesis we chose to adopt the Agile approach, encouraging the constant #collaboration between small, self-organizing teams of software developers and researchers, promoting development and testing as concurrent and continuous processes and, as well, stimulating flexible responses to change.