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World Brain Day 2023

The World Federation Of Neurology marks World Brain Day every July 22, and in 2023 the theme is “Brain Health and Disability: Leave No One Behind”, expanding awareness of disability and improving healthcare access for people with disabilities.

Many neurological disorders can result in decreased mobility, compromised cognitive function, and heightened emotional strain for both individuals and their families. These conditions impose different degrees of disability that significantly affect their everyday lives.

Researchers in neuroscience have recognised the significant value of decoding human behaviours, intentions, and emotions, also during interactions with robots.

Thanks to advancements in ML and AI, accuracy of intelligent devices in decoding our emotional state increases day by day, opening up possibilities for personalised support, to improve people’s quality of life.

At Henesis, we’re deeply committed to exploring the exciting potential of service robotics and the fascinating connection between human inner world and innovative technology.